Lunar Orbit Maps

Visualizing lunar orbit regions


An interactive web-based platform that aims to visualize and analyze the orbits around the Earth-Moon system, providing insights for space policy makers and enhancing student’s understanding of orbits around the Moon.


UX/UI Designer


July 2023 - Ongoing


Miggy Fajardo (UX/UI Design Lead)

Spencer Creer (Engineer Staff Lead)
Josh Chang (Industrial Design Lead)
Krutik Patel (3D Model)
Allen Lin (Front/Back End)
Grant Theisen (Data Science)
Brinlee Kid (Data Science)


This project is part of a collaboration between Luminosity Lab and Interplanetary Initiative Laboratory, a makerspace lab at ASU focused on developing space hardware and software that helps solve challenges in outer space.

The project is focused on creating a web platform tool that aims to visualize the lunar orbital regions to inform and educate policy makers and students.

I have been tasked with the initial user research and UI design efforts for the tool, diving into creating the wireframes, information architecture, user insights, and prototypes to present to a board of stakeholders.

Work in Progress

View the full case study draft here.