Greetings, friend!

Greetings, friend!

Greetings, friend!

Greetings, friend!

Greetings, friend!

Get to know me ☟

Get to know me ☟

Get to know me ☟

Get to know me ☟

Get to know me ☟

Designer + Coffee Addict

I’m Miggy Fajardo — a junior at Arizona State University studying Industrial Design with self-taught experience in UX/UI design. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. ¶ Over the past 3 years, I’ve been polishing my design skills and exploring vast design disciplines to better inform my passion for design. ¶ During that time, I’ve crafted branding designs, physical product concepts, and digital interfaces in various industries that left a lasting impression. ¶ And now, I thrive by designing intuitive digital products that bring delightful experiences and solutions to people. ¶

UX/UI Designer

Luminosity Lab

Designed UI interfaces for city building simulations, AI 3D printer concept, apps for mitigating food, UI for telemedince drone, and a web tool for lunar orbits

FEB 2023 — NOW

Contributing Designer

TARO Magazine

Championing and highlighting the creative community through a digital publication. I assisted in the creative direction of photoshoots and merchandise design.

AUG 2022 — AUG 2023

UX/UI Intern


Helped build the foundation for UI/UX operations and processes within the product team as the first in house designer, while creating interfaces for the platform.

JUN 2022 — JAN 2023

Graphic Design Assistant

Inferno at ASU

Created multiple large banners and posters that was displayed around the campus of ASU, as well as visual and art directions for the sports season.

JUL 2021 — JUN 2022

Joyce Ni

UX/UI Designer @AMD

Perry Wang

Product Designer @Discord

Om Nagarkar

Product Designer @Freelance

Brian Lin

Director of Design @HelloFresh

Carl Barrett

Designer @Veeva

Jess Lam

UX Designer @Amazon

Ken Pena

UI Design @Adidas

Allyson Arrogante

Designer @Disney

Jordan Winick

Product Design @Recurly

Tyrus Miles

Software Engineer @Notion

Andrei Li

Software Dev

Clayton Harding

Product Designer @McAfee

Lynn Teoh

UI/UX Designer @Inspiretak

Hanna Xu

Product Designer @Apple


UX Designer

Roxy Shi

Product Designer